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Series Information: SLAVE TRADE

Manx Slave Traders (1999) was the first book in this series (see Manx) to be followed by Dumfries and Galloway and the Transatlantic Slave Trade (Dumfries & Galloway). Christopher Hasell's slave trading activities in Liverpool are described in The Hasells of Dalemain: A Cumberland Family 1736 to 1794. A booklet about a Derbyshire family is described here.

Bittersweet: A Story of Four Jamaican Plantations

This booklet was written to supplement the Bittersweet exhibition held at Tissington Hall, Derbyshire during the summer of 2007, which year marked the 200th anniversary of the law abolishing the transatlantic slave trade from Britain. It describes the life and work on four Jamaican sugar plantations inherited by the FitzHerbert family in the eighteenth century and subsequently managed from Tissington Hall.


ISBN 978 1 897725 08 5
A5 32pp paperback


See also the Manx Series and the Cumbrian Series and Exhibitions 2007 and 2008.